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Fall Protection and Edge Protection Tewkesbury,Gloucestershire
Fall Protection and Edge Protection - Skylight Fall Prevention Tewkesbury
Skylights in a roof structure pose a significant risk to any workforce working at height regardless of training.

Skylight Fall Prevention

Any non-load bearing surface on a roof should be clearly marked and where possible protected with netting, mesh or a wire cage. These can be permanent installations or temporary mobile solutions.

We at safe access systems offer free site visits to assess requirements for skylight protection to comply with the most recent HSE guidelines.

Skylight barriers can be installed over the glass, corrugated sheet, dome and lantern skylights. Whether it’s simply cutting to size mesh panels and fixing them over a skylight, of manufacturing a bespoke rail or raised cage, safe access systems will have a solution to any skylight hazard and our complimentary site visits ensure a quote tailored to your needs.

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